Artist Statement and Welcome


Body, Debora Miller

Welcome to my web site and thanks for checking it out. This site "went live" on June 21st, 1997. It serves as a forum for me to exhibit my work and to experiment with photographic ideas in an interactive manner.

My interests with photography are wide ranging in subject matter yet centered around inviting the eye to Look. I try to make images which momentarily arrest the eye, giving the image time to reveal itself to the viewer. To achieve this I pursue the essential form or line of a thing as the center compositional element in a photograph. For me, this creates an abstraction which permits a new way of seeing an otherwise ordinary or "known" thing (the human body, a set of measuring spoons, etc.).

I continue to work on both the Natural Form in Ordinary Objects series - photographing more everyday household and other human-made objects - and the Body Series/Narrative project - an ongoing investigation into ways to see the human form. In the "narrative," I present the images in sequence, to be taken in turn-- as in a slide show. I am interested with the viewer's process of becoming acclimated and familiar with the images as they view a repeated loop. Each image informs the next and is increasingly explicated in the repetition. Expect more images/experiments on each of these projects.

Also, check back for more additions to my Inquiry pages. With these inquiries I am exploring why I am a photographer and the nature of the viewer's experience. By pairing my photographs with the musings of philosophers, artists, and cultural thinkers I hope to illuminate and investigate my artistic purpose.

My newest addition to the site is my Flowers and Trees section in Gallery C. With this project, I am interested in how the pairing of oppositional environments (stark winter sky and leafless trees/bright, colorful springtime flowers) deepens the consideration of each, and further--how image, color, and pattern can be combined to make compelling compositions.

Finally, I would like to express my appreciation to the Walker Art Center in Minneapolis, Minnesota for including this site in the 1998 Women in the Director's Chair: Home Girls Series.

Please feel free to contact me. I welcome your comments and feedback, and I hope you will visit often.